Harvest Homestead Fabric Ensemble


Celebrate the warmth of home and harvest with our Harvest Homestead Fabric Ensemble. This rich collection brings together autumnal florals, radiant sun patterns, and rustic farm scenes, enveloped in a palette of deep oranges, fiery reds, and earthy greens. Ideal for seasonal projects, from quilts to kitchen decor, these fabrics conjure up cozy afternoons and the golden glow of fall. Craft a tapestry of country living with textures and prints that pay homage to the beauty of the rural landscape and the simplicity of homestead life.


Welcome to “Peace of Mind Quilts,” your online source for whimsical and traditional quilts handmade in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll find an array of unique quilts crafted single-handedly by a dedicated artisan. Each quilt is a labor of love, a combination of creativity and time-honored techniques that promise not just comfort but also a delightful touch to your home.

After placing an order, please allow a window of 3-4 days for shipping preparations. This time is used to ensure your chosen quilt is carefully prepared and packaged, maintaining the quality from our workshop to your doorstep.

We utilize USPS Priority Mail for all our deliveries, making use of flat rate boxes to ensure a cost-effective and secure delivery. This method helps us provide swift shipping while handling your quilt with the care it deserves. At “Peace of Mind Quilts,” we are not just delivering a quilt, we are sharing a piece of our passion and dedication with you.


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